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Anti-Caking, Acid & Alkaline Soil Activator(50% OFF)

Anti-Caking, Acid & Alkaline Soil Activator(50% OFF)

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Elevate your gardening experience with our Anti-Caking, Acid & Alkaline Soil Activator. Featuring an innovative nutritional ratio of Mineral Potassium Xanthate and Microbiotics, it meticulously regulates plant growth and development. This activator transforms your growing environment by balancing soil pH, reducing salt concentration, and enhancing soil structure. It accelerates germination, promotes root development, and increases your plants' resilience against drought, cold, and disease. With its water-soluble formulation, it's easily absorbed by plants, ensuring they receive essential nutrients promptly. Suitable for a wide range of plants, it's the perfect companion for cultivating thriving and healthy greenery.


NEW NUTRITIONAL RATIO FOR PLANT GROWTH: Our Anti-Caking, Acid & Alkaline Soil Activator boasts a revolutionary blend of Mineral Potassium Xanthate and Microbiotics. This unique nutritional ratio regulates plant growth and development, ensuring your plants receive the precise nutrients they need for robust, healthy growth. Say hello to thriving, vibrant greenery.

ENHANCED GROWING ENVIRONMENT: This soil activator transforms your planting environment. It acts as a pH balancer, reducing soil salt concentration, and regulating salinity and alkalinity. The result? An improved soil structure that eliminates crusting, retains essential water and nutrients, and enhances nutrient utilization. Your plants will thrive in this enriched growing medium.

ROOT GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT: Experience accelerated germination and heightened root growth and development. Our activator encourages root system expansion, creating a solid foundation for your plants. Robust root networks absorb nutrients efficiently, leading to stronger, healthier plants.

ENHANCED RESILIENCE: Boost your plant's ability to withstand adverse conditions. Our activator enhances drought resistance, cold tolerance, and disease resistance. Your plants will be better equipped to thrive, even in challenging environments.

WATER-SOLUBLE AND FAST ABSORPTION: This activator is fully water-soluble, making it easy to apply and allowing for rapid absorption by plants. It ensures that your plants receive the essential nutrients they need without delay.


Growth period: Dissolve 500g into1200kg of water.

Before planting: Mix well with fine drysoil or fertilizer andspread thoroughly.

Seedling time: Apply 2g per square meter to the soil in theseedbed.

Warm tips: The above usage is for reference. Specific fertiliser can be adjusted according to local fertiliser habits and crop growth.


Product Name: Anti-Caking,Acid & Alkaline Soil Activator

Warranty: 5 years

Packing capacity: 500g/200g/100g

Dimension: 9.5cm * 9.5cm * 12cm

Type: Suitable for all plants

Technical indicators: Effective number of livebacteria ≥ 20 billion / ml


1*Anti-Caking, Acid & Alkaline Soil Activator


Store in a cool, dry place, shielded from direct sunlight.

Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Adhere to the usage guidelines provided on the packaging for optimal results.

Effectiveness may vary depending on soil conditions and plant species.

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