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💥 Slow-Release Organic Fertilizer In Stick Form For Indoor Plants

💥 Slow-Release Organic Fertilizer In Stick Form For Indoor Plants

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Have you had any of these problems with your houseplants?

Plants are short and spindly, plants have a reduced number of fruits

Yellowing and detachment of plant leaves

Delayed flowering and dull color of plants

Nourish your houseplants and enjoy the convenience of slow-release fertilization, organic ingredients and vibrant, healthy growth.

Say goodbye to frequent fertilization with our exclusive slow release formula!


ENCOURAGES HEALTHY GROWTH AND BLOOM: Provides the essential nutrients houseplants need for robust growth and beautiful flowering. Balanced nutrient release ensures consistent nutrition, helping your plants reach their full potential.

ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: Made with organic ingredients, free of harsh chemicals and synthetic additives, making them safe for both your plants and the environment.

SLOW RELEASE FORMULA: These sticks deliver nutrients gradually, ensuring sustained and even distribution over an extended period. This saves you time and effort while providing long-lasting benefits to your houseplants.

EASY TO USE: Designed for convenience. Simply insert the rods into the soil around your houseplants, and they will slowly release nutrients as the plants need them.

SUITABLE FOR ALL INDOOR PLANTS: Suitable for a wide variety of indoor plants. Keep your entire plant collection healthy, vibrant and thriving with this versatile fertilizer.


Quantity: 18 Sticks

PH Value: 8

Water Absorption: 65

Duration: 3 Years

Directions For Use: Pot diameter: 10/20/30 cm, Suggested quantity: 1/2/3 Sticks


1 Box* Slow-Release Organic Fertilizer In Stick Form For Indoor Plants


Color may not appear exactly as in real life due to variations between computer monitors.

Please use directly on the soil and it is recommended to use approximately every 3 months.

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