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Soilless Cultivation Seedlings

Soilless Cultivation Seedlings

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I used this product versus soil to start my vegetables this year and I love it. Everything is growing beautifully. 
Choice for standardized cultivation, Greatly improved the utilization of space.Planting wool plug can achieve a high success rate of transplantation.|The peat nursery blocks is a seedlings substrate made of mineral wool, which is breathable and moisturizing.
  • 【Premium Material】Our rockwool plugs are very effective hydroponics supplies, made of high-quality basalt, centrifuged at high speed to form fibers after being melted at high temperature, and compressed into blocks through proprietary process, soft and even texture, good water absorption and strong air permeability, which is helpful to the growth of roots.
  • 【ASEPTIC PRODUCTION】 inorganic and sterile growing medium provide a make sure your plants have a better growth environment, increase germination rate.




  • 【Easy to Transplant】Rockwool grow cubes keep the seeds long enough to establish a root system because of they have high water absorption while retain a lot of oxygen, you can cut it into different sizes, cubes will not sepreate after immersion, easily transplant to net pots, soil, planting machine after rootted.


  • 【Wide Application】These rockwool starter plugs have good moisturizing effect and handy planting hole, widely used in hydroponic, seed starting, rooting, plant propagation, cloning systems and so on. Much convenient than starting in the soil, these are great for planting enthusiasts and commercial growers.

How to Use

1. Please cut the rock wool into cubes according to your own needs with a knife before soaking.

2. Please simply soak the rockwool cube briefly (10 sec) in a nutrient solution to adjust its EC value and pH value. Don't squeeze it!

3. Use pH paper to make sure that its pH is in the desired range for your seeds. The optimum pH for most plant seeds is around 5.5.

4. Control the suitable moisture, illumination and temperature to improve the germination rate of seeds.

5. When the robust roots penetrate through the rock wool about 0.5-1 inches, transplant it into a suitable container.

Warm Tips:

The rock wool cubes are formed by compression of transverse wire and the stratification is normal. When cutting, please use a wallpaper knife or scissors. In the process of use, please make sure that it is completely cut.



Material: High quality basalt

Size: 25*25*25MM/25*25*30MM/25*25*40MM


Features:Light & Porous; Every piece can be divided into an independent growth medium.

Applications: Hydroponics, seed starting, rooting, plant propagation, cloning systems


For people who are prone to allergy, it is recommended to wear gloves and goggles when using this product.

Grow seedling is also related to greenhouse equipment and temperature control.

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